We are proud to be the registry for .gay!

Photo: Mercedes Mehling, Portland Pride

Photo: Mercedes Mehling, Portland Pride

We are super excited to announce that we recently won the auction for the .gay TLD. This brings our portfolio to 4 TLDs.

We already know that our newest member of the family is a special one: .gay is an unprecedented opportunity to create a dedicated space on the Internet for a global population. LGBTQ+ history is a story of resilience, beauty, and community in the face of marginalization and persecution. Imagine for a moment how unique and historic this development is: can you imagine a .gay being introduced during the .com boom of the 90s, during the era of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”? It’s easy to forget, especially in liberal America, exactly how far we’ve come. There are so many personal and social victories to celebrate and so many to still fight for.

Our work and company is about to change and grow in wonderful ways. We’re excited that .gay will allow us to support the visibility of gay and LGBTQ+ people, groups, and businesses around the world.

We will be updating our site as soon as we have details on launch. Right now, we’re hiring, we’re listening, and we’re building. Please get in touch to offer any help.