.wiki & .ink Success at NamesCon Live Auction

Going once!–This week Las Vegas played host to NamesCon, the largest and arguably most influential annual conference for domain name investors. A major highlight of the much-anticipated conference was Right of the Dot’s live domain name auction, which included a mix of legacy and new TLDs. Top Level Design did not hold back, auctioning off valuable names such as Food.wiki, Casino.wiki, Celebrity.wiki, Red.ink, and Wholesale.ink.

Going twice!–Both .wiki and .ink names made a strong showing at the auction with 4 .ink names and 6 .wiki names purchased. Highlights include Food.wiki and RealEstate.wiki, which sold for $3,100 and $3,000, respectively, and Miami.ink, which sold for $1,600.

SOLD!–A full list of .wiki and .ink auction results:

  • Miami.ink-$1,600
  • Red.ink-$1,400
  • Wholesale.ink-$1,400
  • NewYork.ink-$1,300
  • Vegas.wiki-$1,500
  • Casino.wiki-$1,600
  • Food.wiki-$3,100
  • Gamble.wiki-$1,200
  • Celebrity.wiki-$1,800
  • RealEstate.wiki-$3,000