.ink & .wiki gear up for their first live auction

Top Level Design, the registry behind .wiki and .ink domain names, is anxiously gearing up for its first ever live auction, which will take place January 13th at 4:30p.m. at NamesCon in Las Vegas.

The company is expecting their .ink and .wiki names to perform well at auction given the successes of these extensions since their launches last year.

Individual .ink domains have already been selling in the $10,000 – $20,000 range in private sales since the TLD’s June 2014 launch. The .ink domain is seeing high-profile tattoo industry publications Rebel Ink, Urban Ink, and Skin&Ink all making the switch, as well as adoption from the hit TV phenomenon Sons of Anarchy, which launched a tattoo focused mini-site.

Top Level Design CEO, Raymond King, said, “What I find so compelling about .ink is its wide array of use cases. We originally got into the domain from a tattoo mindset, but our own appreciation of the domain has grown thanks to exciting adoption by visual artists and bloggers that are presenting their portfolios on .ink. It is a unique and creative TLD that clearly lends itself to similar personal branding. I couldn’t be more excited about its potential.”

South African artist Rin Lundall explained, “Because I am an artist, it is more than a domain; it is an extension of my artistic practice, and a way of connecting with other like-minded individuals.”

Meanwhile, the .wiki domain extension has also garnered traction with large corporations, developers, gamers, and fans of everything from trains to bands.  Amongst the benefits of a .wiki domain name, early adopters have cited the positive, cooperative connotations, as well as the professional appearance associated with wikis.

Frank Schwarte of TransferPricing.wiki says, “The .wiki TLD makes it clear immediately that the site is about content and information, more than any other TLD…the .wiki TLD is perfect.  It gives the site credibility.”

The .wiki and .ink names up for auction run the gamut, with the .wiki names focused on popular Internet topics while the .ink names focus on printing and tattooing.  They are: 

  • casino.wiki
  • celebrity.wiki
  • creditcard.wiki
  • food.wiki
  • gamble.wiki
  • investing.wiki
  • realestate.wiki
  • vegas.wiki
  • hyperl.ink
  • laserjet.ink
  • miami.ink
  • newyork.ink
  • rapid.ink
  • red.ink
  • wholesale.ink

SnapNames has already launched pre-bidding on names listed in the auction:


Online Bidding available during Live Auction:


Creativity and collaboration are cornerstones of Top Level Design and it hopes that Namescon conference attendees and SnapNames bidders recognize the unique, premium potential of each of the names set for auction. Paddles up!

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