Happy Birthday to .Design!

Oh, they grow up so fast!

It’s been an exciting few years working to get .design domains out to the public, and today marks the second year since .design entered general availability. In its brief two years, .design has grown to +63,000 registrations. We’ve come a long way from our first steps (and first registrations), with amazing and innovative use cases, including corporate design hubs, creative studios, portfolio websites, and passion projects of all kinds. As .design begins its “terrible twos,” Top Level Design hopes to see continued healthy growth and expansion into new markets.

Let’s take a look at a few of the .design milestones we’re celebrating:

  • It seems every month we discover new corporate use cases. These household names are using .design for a blog, or to create a new content stream and audience, or to bolster their design recruiting efforts, among other reasons. Our current list of corporate usage is truly humbling and exciting:
  • The creativity of design entrepreneurs is inspiring. We have come across sites and projects like picnic.designlists.designsharpen.design and so many others organically. Since designers are such active content producers and consumers, they are constantly sharing sites, collaborating and giving feedback to their peers. This energy is finding a home more and more on .design!
  • After a full year of paid renewals, industry leading registrars have incredible renewal rates for .design, one of our biggest partners has a renewal rate of 66% while a major European brand has an astounding 92% renewal rate.
  • .design has 18% of its premium names registered, from common surnames to cities to single character domains, the .design premium names have been sought after and successful.

Here’s to another year of .design reaching new designers and creatives! Cheers to them, the only thing more exciting than launching .design is getting to see what is built on it!