How a .design Domain Name can Boost your Brand

This blog post is written by our friend Samantha Lloyd at Hover.

It’s easy to think that a domain name is merely a link to your website, and has no significant impact on your brand… but you know better than that! The value of a powerful and memorable domain name cannot be understated. You share your website on your print media - business cards, pamphlets, ads, and through your digital marketing efforts. When you choose a domain name that directly reflects your craft, you help elevate your company online. The .design domain name is the best option for designers to boost their brand.

See below for how a niche domain name, perfectly tailored to the designers of the world, makes a difference to your brand:

Brand Association

When you have a domain name that speaks to the type of product or service available on that website, it will better stick in user’s minds. Associate your brand with exactly what you do. Your brand is about design and should live on a home online that speaks to that.

Grow your Network

Growing a network of other designers to collaborate with or bounce ideas off of is a great idea to expand your portfolio and learn of opportunities suited to you. Let others know that you’re a designer through your domain name, which you can display prominently on business cards, print media, and on social.

Showcase your Work

When you’re focused on attracting clients, or landing that dream job, you know the importance of posting a portfolio of work online. Whether, as a designer, you’ve worked hard building a portfolio of custom typography, architecture drawings, brand work, or high fashion sketches, your work should be on exhibit to the world.

Attract an Audience

Attract your audience with a .design domain so that those searching for your type of work know exactly what to expect when they land on your website. They can view your portfolio, get in touch to work with you, and more. This domain name extension tells your potential audience they’re landing on a place dedicate to design.

Display your Rebrand

If you’re a large company, or part of one, that has gone through an overhaul of your brand, you deserve to explain the story behind that transition. Use the .design domain, like Uber has with to push your rebrand out to your customers. All brands deserve to give their design teams a place to share updates about design changes happening to the brand, website, or company overall.

The .design domain name can have a significant impact on the brand you put out to the online world. Show who you are and what you create on the perfect domain for you. Boost your brand and all that you have created on a .design domain name extension.

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