.design heads to summer camp!

Just a couple of weeks ago, .design hit the Midwest with our friends at Rebel.com, for a fun-filled three days at Weapons of Mass Creation.

WMC is the premier design and entrepreneurship conference in the Midwest, bringing over two thousand creatives together to talk shop, share their stories and get inspired.

Now in its sixth year, WMC still has that grass-roots authenticity that is valued so highly by it’s attendees, many of whom are Midwesterners themselves. You can feel the popularity spreading though, as the size of the conference increases each year, and the attendees, speakers and vendors come from farther-flung locales.

Highlights from this year’s conference included a presentation by Mike Jones (Serve Studios and Creative South) that was at once hilarious, tear-jerking, and inspirational. As it has for the past five years, the Ink Wars event kicked off the event, drawing as large a crowd as ever. Pitting eight “Ink Warriors” against each other in a battle of creativity, each using nothing more than a black pen and a giant, blank canvas. Rebel.com was proud to sponsor or the event this year.

Many of the veteran attendees we chatted with spoke of WMC as a festival where you “arrive strangers and leave family.” It certainly had a “summer camp” aura. We’re already looking forward to next summer!