Sunrise Opens & Corporate Wiki Strategies

Yesterday marked the opening of .wiki’s 60 day Sunrise period! What this means is that we will be open exclusively to trademarks registered in ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) until May 5th. This is required of ALL new TLD registries, but given that wikis are already deployed across companies of all sizes, it makes sense to not only celebrate this as a milestone on the path to .wiki’s General Availability (on May 26th), but to talk about the benefits of a corporate wiki.

Many companies use internal wikis, often hosted deep Apple, within their own intranets or on third-party “wiki farms.” This can be problematic because your work then may become hard Launch! to reach, and therefore compromise much of the wikis true intent of instant and relevant collaboration. An example of this from within our own sphere of work is ICANN’s wholesale mlb jerseys “Confluence Portal,” which is powered by the third-party Atlassian and sufficiently hidden from the community members it aims to connect. When these wikis are closed off to the public (ICANN’s is not), we call them “Enterprise Wikis.” We expect Enterprise Wikis to make up a large percent of .wiki registration, and believe our sunrise figures service? will reflect that. Typically, Enterprise Wikis are used to host employee handbooks, best practices, HR materials, operating procedures, and other wholesale nba jerseys internal use guides.

The ICANN example leads me into another type of corporate wiki; an “Enthusiast Wiki” is when a person or group that is interested in a particular topic starts a wiki on that subject. is an example of perhaps the largest Enthusiast Wiki, and if you have ever met a Wikipedian you know that they are very excited about their mission to make education and knowledge accessible to all! However, there are many more niche wikis, some of which are focused on corporations, such as Ray King’s (Top Level Design’s CEO) ICANNWiki. So, while ICANN has its own internal wiki, it also has a third-party wiki that follows along with the corporation. Another example of this is the Leica Wiki, which is a vibrant wiki that talks about all things related to Leica cameras and photography equipment. It will be important for corporations and trademark owners to know that their consumers may want to start a wiki on their brand – and this is certainly an interesting opportunity that shouldn’t be automatically shut-down in the interest of brand protection.

One goal we have for .wiki is to see consumers and brands build new wikis together. An amazing example of this is a Microsoft wiki, where Microsoft employees build and learn alongside systems administrators, engineers, and others using Microsoft products cheap jerseys on a daily basis. This is perhaps the most useful way to both protect your brand and create new and innovative outreach channels with your consumers. Imagine one place,, Traffic where you can host internal content (protected via credentialed access), and an area world! for your consumers to offer their to feedback and use-case scenarios in a growing and collaborative manner! It’s a new reality with a .wiki domain name..

The rest of our launch schedule is as follows:

  • Sunrise Opens: Mon Mar 3
  • Sunrise Ends: Mon May 5
  • Quiet Period: May 6-7
  • Landrush Opens: Thurs May 8
  • Landrush Ends: Thurs May 22
  • Quiet Period: May 23-25
  • General Availability: Mon May 26