Wikis are hubs of collaboration.

They’re a uniting force for people with similar interests. To that end, .wiki seeks to distill that sense of collaboration into a TLD. Let people know that your site is where they can learn more about a hobby, a game, or a passion project. Or, use .wiki to host your private company wiki, a home for company knowledge. .wiki is an invitation to seek and share information. Begin collaborating with .wiki.


Some great wikis that use .wiki:


.wiki Marketing Kit

Are you a registrar or reseller of .wiki domains? Here's some easy-to-use resources to assist with your marketing strategy. Included are case studies, logos, infographics, and our PDF marketing guide.

.WIKI Logos

The .wiki logo in many variants including black & white, color, tagline, vector, .jpg, and .png.

Case studies

Tons of case studies to show how and why .wiki domains are used.


Setting up a landing page? Download some simple-to-understand .wiki explainers you can drop into your site.


Ready-to-go ads for your website or advertising campaign.