Top Level Design LLC is a domain name company in Portland, Oregon. We are the global registry for three top-level domains (TLDs): .design, .ink, .wiki and we also have a registrar subsidiary, Porkbun LLC. Thus, the company is both a wholesale provider of its own TLDs and an online retailer selling most other domain extensions as well.

Our company is nine people; five of us are busy in the downtown office every day with the others working remotely.

We are a dynamic team that challenges each other with ambitious goals and high expectations. We are proud that our hard work allows us to reach personal goals and enjoy our time outside of the office.

Open Positions:

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Graphic Designer

Why we're looking:

It may not be immediately obvious but we're winging it over here when it comes to graphic design. It's been said that I couldn't graphic design myself out of a wet paper bag. I take a little bit of offense to that because if you ask me I can whip out a pretty excellent marketing brochure in MS Paint. Anyhow, the powers that be believe we may need some professional help when it comes to designing graphics so I've begrudgingly created this job posting.

A Quick Description:

Create sweet graphics and potentially other design elements as well.

Who We're Looking For:

You have an eye for design and are able to express it graphically. Beautiful forms of visual communication are important to you; their feel, their look, and how they are presented. You are able to take an idea or message and with little to no instruction turn that into a graphically designed masterpiece that will blow everyone away. You are a designer, a graphic designer.

Job Overview:

As the registry for the .design domain extension, good, clean design is not an afterthought but a core value. We do not currently have a FT graphic designer yet we have a daily need for a designer’s eye, skills and design thinking. Immediate deliverables include brand identity assets, trade show exhibition materials, digital advertisements, .pdf reports, sales and marketing collateral. Long term goals include instilling a corporate design language and helping team members to think design first in their own work. Since our most successful product is the new .design domain name, our largest audience is designers. We expect you to understand trends across design disciplines, be adept with all major graphic design tools, and create amazing content.

A successful graphic designer will have the ability to be mostly self-directed based on the company’s’ high level goals. Their work must not only look great aesthetically but should stem from a deep understanding our our target audience and their lifecycle with our products and services. This designer will be able to turn long term corporate goals into sales and marketing concepts. They will be able to work independently as well as welcome feedback and version requests from across the team.


Commensurate with experience and overall level of awesomeness.


  • medical insurance
  • monday company lunches
  • small startup atmosphere
  • discounted domain registrations
  • pretty decent vacation policy

Next steps:

If you've read this far, we assume that you're interested. To apply, please send us an email at with:

  • A resume and cover letter describing your education, experience and aspirations.
  • A link to, or example of, the most amazing graphic design work you're aware of.
  • Explain or show how you would do a better job with the graphic design work for this job posting.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: write a super short story including the following phrases: "the continue button", "Henry's left eye", and "the paddles were in the canoe".

We look forward to hearing from you!


    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Why we're looking:
    Andrew, the man shown covered in birds, is at his wit's end when it comes to marketing digitally. We're not saying he's horrible at it, we're just saying he's no specialist. It's also not technically his job. Our business has been growing quickly, having exceeded our 2017 sales goals in just the first half of the year. We know there is still much room for improvement, especially with the help of a real expert.

    A quick description:
    Market our wares successfully and creatively to consumers, digitally!

    Who we're looking for:
    You are not a dirtbag. Not sure why we felt the need to say that, but seriously, you're a swell individual who is a pleasure to be around. You should be a natural at communicating the value of our domain names and brand via any digital medium whether it's email, Twitter, YouTube, AdWords, Mobile, Trade show Booths or cleverly modified kitten memes. You should then be able to track and make sense of it all via Google Analytics or any other tracking voodoo you might conjure up. You're game to try new things, able to work independently with little to no instruction, but also don't mind input from the rest of the group. You are the perfect candidate. You are a Digital Marketing Specialist!

    Job overview:
    E-mail is a big part of what drives conversion for us, so having that design sense is important, but more importantly is the design thinking that will resonate with our audience.  We are big believers in data and will want a clear picture of the entire sales funnel and customer lifecycle so that we can smooth out the bumps at every stage.  Additionally, we haven’t done enough with our social media channels and need to strengthen those voices as well.
    A successful Digital Marketing Strategist will be able to quickly learn the domain industry and our sales tactics to date, live by the metrics, and use their expertise to improve other departments beyond marketing such as customer support, UX and sales. This person will be nimble, as time is always of the essence, and be thoughtful when crafting communications with the outside world.

    Commensurate with experience and overall level of awesomeness.


    • Health insurance
    • Monday company lunches
    • Small startup atmosphere
    • Discounted domain registrations
    • Pretty decent vacation policy

    Next steps:
    If you've read this far, we assume that you're interested. To apply, please send us an email at with:

    • A resume and cover letter describing your education, experience and aspirations
    • A link to a company that you believe excels at digital marketing and an explanation as to why
    • EXTRA CREDIT: write a super short story including the following phrases: "registration terms of service", "wonderfully clever hypothesis", and "wild eyed little rascal"
    • We look forward to hearing from you!

    Account Executive

    Our business has been growing quickly, having exceeded our 2017 sales goals in just the first half of the year. We have identified a new sales channel and need the right Account Executive to further define it, develop it, and own it and thereby take our business to the next level.

    The primary interaction will be with digital content publishers, with us in an advertising role. In that sense much of the work will be ad scouting and placement as opposed to selling product directly. However, a successful hire will have a salesperson’s acumen for relationship building, sales tactics and strategy. While the advertising doesn’t currently include major ad networks such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads, it could be a natural development.

    Since we are a small and growing company, you will eventually be given or define other targets, such as professional associations, schools and universities, and prominent individuals and companies in our target markets.

    A successful Account Executive will be data-driven, organized, partnership-oriented, and not afraid to pick up the phone. You will want and need to learn everything we have done to date, bringing your own analysis and expertise to help develop future strategy. Your enthusiasm and work will inspire your colleagues to focus their own goals and naturally fit in with our collaborative work environment.


    • Work with team to define advertising and partnership targets
    • Evaluate the potential ROI of every campaign, tracking projections to results
    • Deliver all necessary content to publishers, interfacing with colleagues and outside resources such as designers regularly
    • Hit monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals through ad placement and partnerships
    • Organize and present results, contributing to evolving sales and partnership strategies


    • 3+ years sales and/or advertising experience
    • College degree or commensurate work experience
    • Impressive work ethic
    • High aptitude for clear communication

    Salary and benefits:

    • Salary based on experience
    • Employee benefits
      • Health insurance
      • Federal holidays
      • PTO

    To Apply:

    • Submit your resume, portfolio website and, in lieu of a cover letter, a short story about a true or fictional experience with domain names to date
    • Submit your application to: