ICP approved in Beijing

Earlier this month, we were informed that all our TLDs -.design, .wiki and .ink - are ICP approved in Beijing, which means all Internet users in Beijing can now build and operate their .design/.wiki/.ink websites, along with in other provinces in mainland China.

Internet Content Provider, or ICP, is a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to permit China-based websites to operate in China. It is a domain registry’s responsibility to obtain an ICP for its TLD(s). 

There was a lot of hard work went into the process, which makes the approval particularly exciting for our China team, in addition to all our TLDs being approved by MIIT earlier this year. In recent months, we have seen plenty of well-organized, Chinese culture influenced .design websites emerging from Chinese communities (i.e., loong.design, 9x9.design, du.design, ruolan.design, wechat.design, etc). With the ICP permit, we are confident to anticipate that the world will see more and more Chinese websites using our TLDs.

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.design, .wiki Approved by MIIT of China

On January 23rd, Top Level Design’s .design and .wiki top-level domains (TLDs) received the official approval by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

This follows on about the one year anniversary of MIIT’s approval of Top Level Design’s .ink. In the intervening year, .ink has found an interested and growing market, especially at registrars like Alibaba’s HiChina and Chengdu West. In China, .ink is often interpreted as “INternet King.”

The Chinese government requires all TLDs to be certified by MIIT. Once approved, Chinese residents can register domains in the TLD and host domains in mainland China. As of January 23rd, all of Top Level Design’s TLDs have been officially approved in mainland China.

The .design TLD has great potential in the Chinese market. The word design is internationally associated with smart and luxury products, which certainly have large and increasing cultural appeal in China. Good design, associated with companies like Apple, are sought after and China is experiencing rising interest in thoughtful and well-designed products, web services, apps, and more.

Furthermore, the .design premium model means domains like luxury.design and jewelry.design will soon be available on a first-come first-served basis via the registrar channel. This model has been hugely successful elsewhere, with over 20% of .design’s premium inventory registered in the first two years of operation. In fact, .design was on sale in China before current regulations required the approval process and during that time it was selling well, especially premium names, short domains, and potentially valuable names that were not designated as premium.

One of the most trafficked .design sites is ant.design, of Ant Financial, which is a part of the Alibaba Group and the most valuable fintech company in the world (formerly known as Alipay). The ant.design site is in both Mandarin and English and is a dynamic resource that lays out the design language used across Ant and Alibaba brands.

The .wiki TLD will be buoyed by the international association between wiki and authoritative information, such as that found on one of the world’s most trafficked site, Wikipedia.org. Current, popular .wiki sites in Asia and China include a Korean Wikipedia style project namu.wiki, and the Chinese byr.wiki search engine. In both cases we see the sites being used as knowledge resources. Wiki sites are generally associated with wiki software, allowing for collaborative editing, but it is not a requirement of .wiki. There is interesting potential for the .wiki TLD in the large, Chinese market that does not readily use Wikipedia but is aware of its influence.

Top Level Design’s CEO, Ray King, welcomed the news, “We have been working diligently since MIIT regulations were put in place to deliver our TLDs to the Chinese market. During this time we heard repeatedly from end users in China that our domains are wanted there. We’re excited to finally deliver, and our team in both China and the U.S. are ready to serve our current and new Chinese users. This is an especially auspicious way to prepare for the year of the dog!”

Availability for .design and .wiki is forthcoming at China’s major registrars and implementation is already underway at many; current registrar partners can be found here. New registrar partners, business interests, and domain buyers can reach out to Top Level Design’s Chinese Market Coordinator, Kimberly Sheng (in Chinese or English).  

Happy Birthday to .Design!

Oh, they grow up so fast!

It’s been an exciting few years working to get .design domains out to the public, and today marks the second year since .design entered general availability. In its brief two years, .design has grown to +63,000 registrations. We’ve come a long way from our first steps (and first registrations), with amazing and innovative use cases, including corporate design hubs, creative studios, portfolio websites, and passion projects of all kinds. As .design begins its “terrible twos,” Top Level Design hopes to see continued healthy growth and expansion into new markets.

Let’s take a look at a few of the .design milestones we’re celebrating:

.ink Approved by MIIT of China

On February 6th, Top Level Design’s .ink received the official approval by China’s MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). It is also the 6th new gTLD in the Latin alphabet approved for sale in mainland China.

.ink is in the 3rd batch of new gTLDs to get China’s approval. It’s also the only one in English in this batch. The other four are all Chinese IDNs.

The Chinese government requires all TLDs to be certified by MIIT. Being approved means that Chinese residents can register and host .ink names in mainland China.

Since the launch of .ink, a hype for the TLD has been spreading all over the Chinese domain market. Chinese domain buyers recognize and appreciate the connection between .ink and Chinese history of calligraphy and literature. It’s easy to memorize and also been interpreted as an abbreviation for ‘Internet King’.

As of February 14th, 2017, 25,728 .ink domains are registered worldwide, 74% of which are managed by Chinese registrars. With the MIIT certification, we are excited to see more tractions for .ink domains in China.

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