What is .ink?
It is Tattoo Printers + Ink Industries Bloggers Artists + Creatives
For those involved in American tattoo culture, the term “ink” has been an important part of the shared lexicon for years. The word “ink” is generally seen as more relevant than “tattoo” to those who live and work around ink everyday – and it is easier to spell for those searching the Internet! Printer ink sales, ink manufacturing, and business printing represent prominent aspects of the global economy. They are exploding in developing markets and continue to grow through technological and cost improvements in developed markets. .ink domains will allow ink-centered industries to create a new and distinct presence online. .ink is perfect for those passionate about the written (or typed) word, like bloggers, publishers, and writers. For some, this association may be more romantic and clever than explicit, such as bloggers and writers putting their “ink” to a page by publishing on a .ink site. The .ink TLD will appeal to an unstructured group of artists, designers, and creatives, especially those involved in ink based arts, such as drawing, painting, and calligraphy. For visual artist and designers, this connection will be both thematic and inspired.

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