Let’s collaborate on .wiki: A look at who registered .wiki domains

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domainnamewire –.Wiki tops 3,000 registrations by first day.
Dot WikiTop Level Design released its first new top level domain name yesterday as .wiki hit registrar’s shelves. I count 3,166 domains in the zone file processed last night, which is a solid first day for a new TLD. I take a particular interest in .wiki because of its unique nature as well as my existing domain portfolio. .Wiki is rather unique among new TLDs for a couple reasons.

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Walgreens snaps up generic domain names in new TLDs

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domainnamewire — While I was going through .wiki registrations this morning I noticed that pharmacy chain Walgreens registered a number of generic terms under .wiki.
It makes sense: why not own Haircare.wiki, Scooters.wiki and Prescriptions.wiki so they can control the conversation, not the other way around.

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A report says Wal-Mart isn’t very “collaborative.” Is that so bad?

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FORTUNE — A report released by Top Level Design, a company that manages several Internet domain names, says nearly a quarter of U.S. and U.K. consumers want companies to solicit their ideas for future product offerings. And when presented with a list of 10 top consumer brands, these consumers ranked Wal-Mart Stores’ (WMT) Walmart brand as the least collaborative of the bunch, behind Disney (DIS), Nike (NKE), and Toyota (TM).

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John Lewis crowned UK’s most collaborative consumer brand online

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retail-digital –As employee-owned leading UK retail business John Lewis approaches its 150th birthday, new research by .wiki has revealed that consumers find the company to be the most collaborative leading brand online in the UK. In fact, findings revealed John Lewis to be more collaborative online than other household names whose businesses revolve around digital propositions, including Google and Apple.

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Half of UK and US consumers feel they have ‘little to no opportunity’ to collaborate with brands online, YouGov study shows

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thedrum.com –Ray King, CEO at Top Level Design, the company that created buy generic doxycycline.wiki, said: “Consumers and businesses alike have long recognised the power and potential that the internet has to improve the products and services businesses offer, creating a better two-way dialogue between customers and their favourite brands.

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Apple, Weather Channel, Ericsson, Hallmark, Chanel: Brands Are Getting Their .Wiki

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thedomains –Top Level The Design LLC, Workers the company behind the new gTLD, .Wiki announced today that leading cheap jerseys global brands Бурдж-Халифа including Apple, wholesale NBA jerseys Ericsson, Hallmark, the Weather Channel, and Chanel were wholesale NFL jerseys among the first wholesale NFL jerseys to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain their leading .wiki domain names through to the “TheirTrademark.wiki” program.

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Top 10 gTLDs to Watch in 2014

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clickz.com –The moment every gTLD applicant has been Post waiting for is finally here – the first ones will launch this year. These wholesale jerseys are the top 10 gTLDs to watch in 2014.
As 2014 begins, the moment every gTLD applicant has been waiting for is finally Ice? here – the first gTLDs will actually start to launch this year. cheap jerseys For most digital marketers, mobile, wholesale nba jerseys social 2013 and big data have cheap nfl jerseys been driving forces in their plans and little attention has been given to top level domains.

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