Be the King of Your Domain

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Check out .ink’s article in Pain Magazine, available online and in print!

Pain Magazine–“With an estimated 114 million websites using the .com extension, the options for many small businesses and startups have all but dried up. Until recently, entrepreneurs either had to pay handsomely to acquire the .com name they wanted or settle for a second-rate choice such as .net, .co or .biz.

If you’re looking for or you’re likely too late. Even if you’re creative and try for something like, you’re probably still out of luck.

Fortunately, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the non-profit group that manages domain names, has begun approving new extensions that provide additional opportunites for entrepreneurs to set up a more appealing and descriptive space on the web. Soon you’ll have the choice of top-level domain (TLD) endings like .photography, .law, .heath, and .club. Since we’re talking tattoos here, you’ll be excited to know that you can even get .ink…”

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Top Level Design Wins .Design Contention Set

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Top Level Design is excited to announce that it will be the registry for .design!! Read more about it in Domain Name Wire.

Domainnamewire–“Top Level Design CEO Ray King told Domain Name Wire that winning .design was very important for the company, as you might guess from the company’s name. Beyond .wiki, .design was one of its top priorities. ‘Think of all the things that require design,’ King said. ‘Design permeates all aspects of culture.’”

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What to Do When the .Com You Want Is Taken

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Wired–“One of the most challenging parts of starting a company is choosing the right name. How do you even begin going about finding one or a few words that sums up everything your company is and could one day hope to be? Further, what do you do when that perfect word or few words and the corresponding .com name is already taken?

As we all know, a critical factor towards achieving legitimacy and overall brand recognition begins with setting up a home online. Consumers are looking towards the web as the first line of information about everything from front page news to medical questions to finding a place to stay for their next vacation. Not being online at this point is akin to not existing at all. Nowhere is this more evident than through the results of a recent Verisign report that indicated five million domain names were added to the Web in the first quarter of 2014, bringing the total of registered names to 276 million…”

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Putting the Ink into Your Website

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PrintMonthly–“Dot ink (.ink) is being offered to printers and those involved in the print industry by Top-Level Design (TLD) so their customers (or rather potential customers) can quickly source a print firm.

TLD says the .ink domain has been created specifically for those who are passionate about ink. In a statement the firm says: “The new .ink extension caters to industries or individuals involved with ink—from typographers and printers to publishers and artists. The domain extension has now been launched for general availability…”

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Publishers Can Boost Discoverability with Newly Released Web Domains

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Publishing Executive–“A slew of new web domains are dramatically changing the face of the Internet by providing more tailored domains beyond “.com” and “.net” that speak to websites specific interests. With this sudden rush of new online real estate, publishers can capitalize on the domain expansion to make their websites and products more accessible to readers.

Since last February, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — the international non-profit charged with overseeing the Internet’s infrastructure — has opened the way for website owners to adopt new web suffixes other than the commonplace .com for their online presences. These web suffixes are known as generic top level domains (gTLDs), and they allow businesses, publishers included, to secure short and succinct web URLs that are specific to their work…”

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Embracing a New Domain

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IT Pro Portal–“I remember sitting at the very event in 2011 where hands were raised in the air to approve a major change in the history of the Internet: the introduction of the new gTLD programme, something numerous parties had lobbied for throughout the late noughties. While it’s been a little while to get everything off the ground, it’s great to see the programme now finally coming to fruition this year and to witness the media hype surrounding it.

For those of you unaware of what this is all about, ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the not for profit organisation that looks after web addresses on the Internet, is currently rolling out a major change to the face of the web. Thinking about your typical domain name, there are a set of commonly recognised endings, more formally known as top level domains (TLDs), that are largely known to most people…”

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Navigating New Internet Domains

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Information Week

InformationWeek–“New Internet domain extensions keep increasing. Registering for one is pricey, but most businesses can’t afford not to.

For a long time, only 22 generic top level domains (gTLDs), such as .com, .org, and .edu, were available for businesses looking to set up shop online. But since opening up applications for new gTLDs in 2011, ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved applications for approximately 700 new gTLDs to expand the number of available namespaces on the Internet and provide more options to businesses of all sizes…”

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Leaving .Com Behind: Using TLDs to Better Market an Online Presence

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MediaPost–“The Internet as we know it is rapidly changing. Since its public introduction in 1991, we’ve grown accustomed to the everyday generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as .com and .net, .gov and .org, and more recently, .biz and .info. Now hundreds are about to join the domain family as registries roll out new gTLDs and ICANN, the organization that oversees the Internet’s domain name system, also allows brands their own specific domains such as .canon, .ferrari, and .google.

Companies and netizens will now find themselves with newfound freedoms when it comes to domain registration. No longer restricted to the overcrowded .com, businesses and individuals will be able to get creative with their online presence through their Web addresses. With such a large selection of new gTLDs to choose from and the possibility of owning a brand TLD, the way has been paved for,,, and to make up the new Internet environment…”

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The Expanding Number of Domain Names Has Benefits From .App to .Zone

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur-“The Internet is the first place a typical user will go for information about your company or organization. Not having a website for your brand is basically akin to not existing. Deciding where to set up shop online is an important step toward establishing a legitimate brand and effectively getting the word out about what you offer.

It isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. With an estimated 100 million websites using the .com extension, the options for many small businesses and startups have all but dried up. Until recently, entrepreneurs either had to burn vital seed money for the .com name they wanted or settle for a second-rate choice such as .co or .net…”

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