The most popular gTLD Domain

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Today, Domain Incite reported that has surpassed as the gTLD domain with the highest Alexa ranking. is currently listed at 1,875, compared to at 1,994. The Korean website generates an incredible amount of high quality content and we’re very excited that it is a part of the .wiki community. Congratulations to Click below for the full article

AUGUST 10, 2015 – “A few days ago, replaced in the top spot, the first time the leading position has changed hands since DI PRO first started tracking daily Alexa scores in July 2014. appears to be a Korean wiki site dedicated to some kind of manga/anime thing. It was registered in April.

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.design Domain Names Released

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Eureka Magazine just released an article on the launch of .design. If you want to read more about why .design will help you with your business, check it out!

EUREKA– “Top Level Design has launched .DESIGN, a new top level domain, to provide design firms and independent designers a new way to represent themselves online to their customers.

Raymond King, ceo at Top Level Design, said: “There are several benefits why design businesses might consider registering a domain name featuring .DESIGN. The extension better highlights what a company does.”

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4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch .com For Good

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Entrepeneur just published an article written by Top Level Design CEO, Ray King. Considering that just two days ago .design had the most successful day one launch in generic TLD history (in terms of revenue), this article is more relevant than ever.

MAY 14, 2015 – “One of the first steps entrepreneurs take when jumping into startup life is setting up a company webiste. But then reality strikes: Most find that their dream “.com” names have been taken, or else are being held by brokers looking to make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to release even the most mediocre domain.

Entrepreneurs in this position would be wise to take advantage of some of the new extensions being rolled out and ditch .com for good. Instead, they should consider some of the following opportunities when jump-starting their digital presence or a new campaign…”

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.design is live!

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.design officially launched at 7 AM PCT. Incredible names such as and have already been taken, but there are still an extraordinary number of great domains up for grabs. If you want to an example of great domains going to great people, check out this post by TheDomains.

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Will the World’s Best-Known Web Domain Soon Be Obsolete?

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The Telegraph just published an article on the aging of .com and the rise of new gTLDs generic doxycycline. We’re proud to say that the author chose to mention .design as one of the powerful new gTLDS!

Telegraph– “Dot-com is the world’s most recognised web suffix, with over 115 million dot-com domains registered worldwide, representing about 42 per cent of all web addresses. But 30 years after its inception, many people are questioning whether it can continue to retain its dominance.”

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The Power of New Domains

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An article written by Top Level Design CEO, Ray King, was featured in TechRadar last week, check it out.

TechRadar–“There are 276 million domain names already registered, which makes securing an original one a tricky task. For those who have attempted to buy a domain ending in ‘.com’or ‘‘ recently, you may well have found that your first choice domain name was unavailable. Demand for new domains isn’t slowing down – in the first quarter of last year, an additional five million domain names were added to the internet.

The increasing need for new domain names, along with a shift in internet browsing styles, has spurred some significant changes in the domain name world. At the close of 2013, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved 617 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) for the internet to go live through to the end of 2015, and it will continue to introduce hundreds more…”

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.ink & .wiki gear up for their first live auction!

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“Top Level Design, the registry behind .wiki and .ink domain names, is anxiously gearing up for its first ever live auction, which will take place January 13th at 4:30p.m. at NamesCon in Las Vegas.

The company is expecting their .ink and .wiki names to perform well at auction given the successes of these extensions since their launches last year.

Individual .ink domains have already been selling in the $10,000 – $20,000 range in private sales since the TLD’s June 2014 launch. The .ink domain is seeing high-profile tattoo industry publications Rebel Ink, Urban Ink, and Skin&Ink all making the switch, as well as adoption from the hit TV phenomenon Sons of Anarchy, which launched a tattoo focused mini-site…”

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Publishers Weekly-“Amazon’s purchase of the .book generic top-level domain has prompted speculation about how the e-tailer plans to use it. Amazon bought the TLD for a reported $10 million last week, allowing it to sell domain names with the .book suffix.

Amazon declined to comment on its plans for the TLD, but Raymond King, CEO of Top Level Design, owner of the generic TLD .ink, said he expects Amazon to offer .book domain names for sale to the public as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) intended, as well as using the TLD for its own business purposes. ‘Why would they close it off?’ King asked, in response to speculation that Amazon might keep the domain name solely for its own use. ‘You don’t want to limit your TLD. Amazon is known for being a visionary company, and it’s in their interest to make .book available to all authors.'”

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The Bigger the Brand, the More Likely Its Customers Feel Ignored

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur-“American consumers have realized the power of the Internet to make their voices heard. In turn, companies are improving brand loyalty by inserting themselves into the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. However, while social media feels very personal, brands are still quite reluctant to offer their customers any truly collaborative tools…”

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