.design founder series: fvwebsite.design

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Improving SEO with context and a .design domain name


Karen and Dave Rose are the owners of Fraser Valley Website Design, now found at fvwebsite.design. The business has grown considerably as they’ve expanded from SEO to graphic design, photography, drone imaging, car wraps, oh, and they also happened to get married in the process!

If Karen’s path from dairy farmer to SEO guru wasn’t already non-traditional, it seems that the recent switch from a .com domain to a keyword heavy .design name, fvwebsite.design, has created a noticeable uptick in their Google ranking, especially as displayed on Google Maps.

“My mind is always thinking ‘relevance, relevance, relevance’ and the .design domain made perfect sense to me,” said Karen. “I said to Dave, let’s try this domain ‘.design,’ and the website.design part of the domain has just worked out fantastic. The technical benefit I saw was that we moved right up, right away, on the keyword search on ‘graphic design’ and ‘website design’.”

Despite what some media outlets, and Google themselves, have said, the Roses have definitely noticed that their domain has benefited their ranking. Google claims to remain domain agnostic, which is a safe statement coming from a company that applied to run 101 new top-level domains (as part of the post .com era, new options include .design). “Overall, our systems treat new gTLDs like other TLDs (like .com and .org),” they claimed in an article in Webmaster Central Blog, “keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in search.”

The fvwebsite.design story isn’t just anecdotal information, this is a report coming from an SEO expert. Karen has been in the SEO business for the past 15 years. That’s pretty much since the birth of SEO. She spent much of that time leading a team of 5 global algorithm analysts for Microsoft through large corporate developments, including the Bing and Yahoo merger. Karen eventually moved on from the Microsoft contract to found Fraser Valley Website Design and has never looked back.

However, their success has not been without its hiccups. In 2012, when Google implemented Penguin (an updated search algorithm) and later versions, Fraser Valley Website Design took a hit. They lost their top placement.

“It was the Penguin algorithm, which was followed up by 3 version updates, the latest one was October 2014 that dropped our ranking due to many issues,” Karen told us, “such as old CMS codes, broken links back to other sites, and content relevancy for SEO metas.”

Something had to change and that change came in the form of a new domain. Tapping her entrepreneurial spirit and her SEO expertise, Karen followed a hunch and moved the company’s domain name from fvwebs.ca to fvwebsite.design.

fvwebsite.design currently retains the top positions for “web design” and “graphic design” within a 80 mile radius of their base of operations (60 miles out of Vancouver, BC).

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.35.54 PM

“It used to be that you’d build a company and then find a domain name,” Dave told us, “Now, you get the domain first and build the company second.” Availability and inventory are some of the great benefits of  new TLDs, especially new TLDs with a professional edge, such as .design.

The Rose’s story contradicts previous statements made by Google that adopting a new TLD will neither benefit nor hurt your SEO. While we have a clear counterexample in Fraser Valley Website Design’s SEO success with .design, we can also conclude that a relevant domain will always give your site greater context and make it more clickable. Perhaps the results are due to the fact that the new domain was just more appealing to those searching for local web design help in the B.C. area. Maybe it was this interest that caused their rise to #1 in local search. fvwebsite.design’s story is only one datapoint, but it points to the value of .design for SEO and is part of a larger success story. We look forward to following along and learning from these entrepreneurs and others like them.


Have you experienced an SEO breakthrough with a new TLD? Tell us your story!


Airbnb.design; the most impressive use of a new domain in 2+ years

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Everyone in the new domain name industry keeps their eyes on the horizon even while new TLD adoption is steadily rising. There are 18 million names and the market is healthy and bullish, but within that 18 million we’ve all been waiting for those really big use cases from major brands and high-profile leaders.

While we keep pining for household names to market and use new domains, big brands are understandably very hard to move and generally unlikely to be early adopters. They are too large to make rapid organizational shifts and may have spent decades of time and millions of dollars driving traffic to their succinct and powerful .com domains. We have seen the same sluggish adoption in brand TLDs, many of which were secured with a trademark protection mindset and seem to be stuck moving from the legal to the marketing departments. Still, the innovative power of new TLDs remains, and there are in fact some powerful counter cases, such as BMW’s next100.bmw campaign.

The obvious exception is abc.xyz, which made a splash last year when Google announced Alphabet. It was a huge boon for .xyz and the gTLD market as a whole. But look at it now – the site hasn’t changed since the day it was launched. What the new domain market really needs is a major company putting out consistent content and branding on a new domain.

Finally, there’s cause for celebration! After all of our hard work, we have an amazing new exemplar of new domain usage. Last week, our team discovered Airbnb.design. Hit pause, take a look. Before we get excited, let’s run through the checklist:

  • It resolves
  • It’s not someone infringing on a trademark
  • It’s not a URL forward
  • It’s active
  • It’s the real deal

There it is, a household name using a new domain to define their company in a new and exciting way. A month’s worth of articles run down the page in a single, center-aligned column. Each article sports a photo and title, with topical hashtags in between. The Airbnb logo sits in the top left corner with “design” sitting right next to it. It’s simple; it’s elegant; it’s well designed.


Airbnb.design is part blog part manifesto from Airbnb’s creative team. Article topics range from “Building a Visual Language” to “Preserving Rituals through Space.” Contributors include the VP of Design, the Principal Experience Designer, the Environments Design Lead, and the Director of Experience Design at Airbnb, and they’re posting multiple times a week.

One recent article was appropriately titled, “Storytelling 101.” Indeed, this entire new site feels like a lesson in storytelling for other companies, humanizing their work and making their motivations more transparent. Their design department has triumphantly declared itself its own entity and one that guides the main vacation rental and travel business. In fact, they timed the release of Aiirbnb.design to the relase of their newest app, which has been lauded by the New York Times and Wired magazine for making significant UX improvements and expanding the scope of the service.

It is unlikely that the Airbnb.design was released to merely gain marketshare with designers and creatives so that they are top of mind when these individuals book their next travel accomodation. While that is a definite benefit, the site is an example of thought leadership. By declaring that they are a design-first company, and defining the culture of Airbnb and their view of design, they are seeking to become a recruiting destination for top design talent. The content spans UX, UI, graphic, and the many fields of design, as well as branches off into other creative pursuits. This is tech and design thought leadership at its best and we couldn’t be happier to support Airbnb on their new domain, Airbnb.design.

It is fitting that a new, market defining start-up like Airbnb would be the entity to repurpose new domain names in an equally innovative way. They continue to build their brand and tell their story, and surely their peers will take note as they expand what it means to be a creative, successful company born and thriving in the 21st century and the era of new TLDs.

Meet bacon.design

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Ray and Andrew recently went to Germany to attend World Hosting Days. Along the way, they came into contact with Stephan Merkle and Christoph Ptok, two of the three co-founders of bacon.design. Stephan and Christoph were kind enough to lend a moment of their time to talk about their work and why they chose to purchase bacon.design, which will eventually become their main site. Check out the video!

.design heads to summer camp!

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Just a couple of weeks ago, .design hit the Midwest with our friends at Rebel.com, for a fun-filled three days at Weapons of Mass Creation.

WMC is the premier design and entrepreneurship conference in the Midwest, bringing over two thousand creatives together to talk shop, share their stories and get inspired.


Now in it’s sixth year, WMC still has that grass-roots authenticity that is valued so highly by it’s attendees, many of whom are Midwesterners themselves. You can feel the popularity spreading though, as the size of the conference increases each year, and the attendees, speakers and vendors come from farther-flung locales.

Highlights from this year’s conference included a presentation by Mike Jones (Serve Studios and Creative South) that was at once hilarious, tear-jerking, and inspirational. As it has for the past five years, the Ink Wars event kicked off the event, drawing as large a crowd as ever. Pitting eight “Ink Warriors” against each other in a battle of creativity, each using nothing more than a black pen and a giant, blank canvas. Rebel.com was proud to sponsor or the event this year.

Many of the veteran attendees we chatted with spoke of WMC as a festival where you “arrive strangers and leave family.” It certainly had a “summer camp” aura. We’re already looking forward to next summer!

The most popular gTLD Domain

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Today, Domain Incite reported that Namu.wiki has surpassed searchengines.guru as the gTLD domain with the highest Alexa ranking. Namu.wiki is currently listed at 1,875, compared to searchengines.guru at 1,994. The Korean website generates an incredible amount of high quality content and we’re very excited that it is a part of the .wiki community. Congratulations to Namu.wiki Click below for the full article

AUGUST 10, 2015 – “A few days ago, namu.wiki replaced searchengines.guru in the top spot, the first time the leading position has changed hands since DI PRO first started tracking daily Alexa scores in July 2014.

namu.wiki appears to be a Korean wiki site dedicated to some kind of manga/anime thing. It was registered in April.

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.design Passes 10,000 Registrations

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This past week .design officially passed the 10k registration mark. General availability opened up a month ago and yet .design has already overcome a milestone that only 15% of other new gTLDs have reached.

The enthusiastic and powerful response to .design confirms our belief that people are ready for a TLD that speaks to them on a personal and professional level. Our registrants are graphic & web designers, interior and fashions designers, as well as architects and bloggers. They deserve a big thanks for leading .design to such a successful launch. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

.design Domain Names Released

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Eureka Magazine just released an article on the launch of .design. If you want to read more about why .design will help you with your business, check it out!

EUREKA– “Top Level Design has launched .DESIGN, a new top level domain, to provide design firms and independent designers a new way to represent themselves online to their customers.

Raymond King, ceo at Top Level Design, said: “There are several benefits why design businesses might consider registering a domain name featuring .DESIGN. The extension better highlights what a company does.”

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4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch .com For Good

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Entrepeneur.com just published an article written by Top Level Design CEO, Ray King. Considering that just two days ago .design had the most successful day one launch in generic TLD history (in terms of revenue), this article is more relevant than ever.

MAY 14, 2015 – “One of the first steps entrepreneurs take when jumping into startup life is setting up a company webiste. But then reality strikes: Most find that their dream “.com” names have been taken, or else are being held by brokers looking to make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to release even the most mediocre domain.

Entrepreneurs in this position would be wise to take advantage of some of the new extensions being rolled out and ditch .com for good. Instead, they should consider some of the following opportunities when jump-starting their digital presence or a new campaign…”

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.design is live!

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.design officially launched at 7 AM PCT. Incredible names such as wild.design and gem.design have already been taken, but there are still an extraordinary number of great domains up for grabs. If you want to an example of great domains going to great people, check out this post by TheDomains.

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