Happy Birthday to .Design!

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Oh, they grow up so fast!

It’s been an exciting few years working to get .design domains out to the public, and today marks the second year since .design entered general availability. In its brief two years, .design has grown to +63,000 registrations. We’ve come a long way from our first steps (and first registrations), with amazing and innovative use cases, including corporate design hubs, creative studios, portfolio websites, and passion projects of all kinds. As .design begins its “terrible twos,” Top Level Design hopes to see continued healthy growth and expansion into new markets.

Let’s take a look at a few of the .design milestones we’re celebrating:

  • It seems every month we discover new corporate use cases. These household names are using .design for a blog, or to create a new content stream and audience, or to bolster their design recruiting efforts, among other reasons. Our current list of corporate usage is truly humbling and exciting:
  • The creativity of design entrepreneurs is inspiring. We have come across sites and projects like picnic.design, lists.design, sharpen.design and so many others organically. Since designers are such active content producers and consumers, they are constantly sharing sites, collaborating and giving feedback to their peers. This energy is finding a home more and more on .design!
  • After a full year of paid renewals, industry leading registrars have incredible renewal rates for .design, one of our biggest partners has a renewal rate of 66% while a major European brand has an astounding 92% renewal rate.
  • .design has 18% of its premium names registered, from common surnames to cities to single character domains, the .design premium names have been sought after and successful.

Here’s to another year of .design reaching new designers and creatives! Cheers to them, the only thing more exciting than launching .design is getting to see what is built on it!

.wiki & .ink Success at NamesCon Live Auction

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Going once!–This week Las Vegas played host to NamesCon, the largest and arguably most influential annual conference for domain name investors. A major highlight of the much-anticipated conference was Right of the Dot’s live domain name auction, which included a mix of legacy and new TLDs. Top Level Design did not hold back, auctioning off valuable names such as Food.wiki, Casino.wiki, Celebrity.wiki, Red.ink, and Wholesale.ink.

Going twice!–Both .wiki and .ink names made a strong showing at the auction with 4 .ink names and 6 .wiki names purchased. Highlights include Food.wiki and RealEstate.wiki, which sold for $3,100 and $3,000, respectively, and Miami.ink, which sold for $1,600.

SOLD!–A full list of .wiki and .ink auction results:
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.ink & .wiki gear up for their first live auction!

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“Top Level Design, the registry behind .wiki and .ink domain names, is anxiously gearing up for its first ever live auction, which will take place January 13th at 4:30p.m. at NamesCon in Las Vegas.

The company is expecting their .ink and .wiki names to perform well at auction given the successes of these extensions since their launches last year.

Individual .ink domains have already been selling in the $10,000 – $20,000 range in private sales since the TLD’s June 2014 launch. The .ink domain is seeing high-profile tattoo industry publications Rebel Ink, Urban Ink, and Skin&Ink all making the switch, as well as adoption from the hit TV phenomenon Sons of Anarchy, which launched a tattoo focused mini-site…”

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Amazon.book and the New Top-Level Domain Names

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Publishers Weekly-“Amazon’s purchase of the .book generic top-level domain has prompted speculation about how the e-tailer plans to use it. Amazon bought the TLD for a reported $10 million last week, allowing it to sell domain names with the .book suffix.

Amazon declined to comment on its plans for the TLD, but Raymond King, CEO of Top Level Design, owner of the generic TLD .ink, said he expects Amazon to offer .book domain names for sale to the public as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) intended, as well as using the TLD for its own business purposes. ‘Why would they close it off?’ King asked, in response to speculation that Amazon might keep the domain name solely for its own use. ‘You don’t want to limit your TLD. Amazon is known for being a visionary company, and it’s in their interest to make .book available to all authors.'”

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The Bigger the Brand, the More Likely Its Customers Feel Ignored

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur-“American consumers have realized the power of the Internet to make their voices heard. In turn, companies are improving brand loyalty by inserting themselves into the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. However, while social media feels very personal, brands are still quite reluctant to offer their customers any truly collaborative tools…”

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Wikimedia’s Yana Welinder Makes Statement in Support of Releasing Two-Character Domains

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The following is a statement from The Wikimedia Foundation’s Yana Welinder, which was read at the public forum at ICANN51 in Los Angeles in an effort to expedite the release of 2-character .wiki names. Wikimedia plans to use the names as URL shorteners for Wikipedia.

“The Wikimedia Foundation is a non-profit organization that hosts Wikipedia and 12 other freely licensed sites with content that is collaboratively created by Internet users around the world. Wikimedia’s mission is to empower people to develop freely licensed educational content and to globally disseminate that content. Providing URL shorteners based on two-character domains will help us reach new heights in globally disseminating the free content on Wikipedia.

The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation is asking for a select number of two-character .wiki domains to create URL shorteners for Wikipedia. We currently support 287 language editions of Wikipedia. The URL shorteners would, for example, allow someone looking for information about the dengue fever in Spanish to type in es.wiki/Dengue to get directed to the Spanish Wikipedia article about the dengue fever (es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dengue). It will also allow people to share short links to Wikipedia articles and other Wikimedia sites on various social media and invite more people to edit Wikipedia. We hope that this will improve user access across the globe.

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Be the King of Your Domain

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Check out .ink’s article in Pain Magazine, available online and in print!

Pain Magazine–“With an estimated 114 million websites using the .com extension, the options for many small businesses and startups have all but dried up. Until recently, entrepreneurs either had to pay handsomely to acquire the .com name they wanted or settle for a second-rate choice such as .net, .co or .biz.

If you’re looking for tattoo.com or tattoostudio.com you’re likely too late. Even if you’re creative and try for something like killertattoo.com, you’re probably still out of luck.

Fortunately, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the non-profit group that manages domain names, has begun approving new extensions that provide additional opportunites for entrepreneurs to set up a more appealing and descriptive space on the web. Soon you’ll have the choice of top-level domain (TLD) endings like .photography, .law, .heath, and .club. Since we’re talking tattoos here, you’ll be excited to know that you can even get .ink…”

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Top Level Design Wins .Design Contention Set

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<img class="alignnone newsimage" src="http://new click here now.toplevel.design/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/domain-name-wire.jpg” />

Top Level Design is excited to announce that it will be the registry for .design!! Read more about it in Domain Name Wire.

Domainnamewire–“Top Level Design CEO Ray King told Domain Name Wire that winning .design was very important for the company, as you might guess from the company’s name. Beyond .wiki, .design was one of its top priorities. ‘Think of all the things that require design,’ King said. ‘Design permeates all aspects of culture.’”

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What to Do When the .Com You Want Is Taken

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Wired–“One of the most challenging parts of starting a company is choosing the right name. How do you even begin going about finding one or a few words that sums up everything your company is and could one day hope to be? Further, what do you do when that perfect word or few words and the corresponding .com name is already taken?

As we all know, a critical factor towards achieving legitimacy and overall brand recognition begins with setting up a home online. Consumers are looking towards the web as the first line of information about everything from front page news to medical questions to finding a place to stay for their next vacation. Not being online at this point is akin to not existing at all. Nowhere is this more evident than through the results of a recent Verisign report that indicated five million domain names were added to the Web in the first quarter of 2014, bringing the total of registered names to 276 million…”

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