and the New Top-Level Domain Names

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Publishers Weekly-“Amazon’s purchase of the .book generic top-level domain has prompted speculation about how the e-tailer plans to use it. Amazon bought the TLD for a reported $10 million last week, allowing it to sell domain names with the .book suffix.

Amazon declined to comment on its plans for the TLD, but Raymond King, CEO of Top Level Design, owner of the generic TLD .ink, said he expects Amazon to offer .book domain names for sale to the public as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) intended, as well as using the TLD for its own business purposes. ‘Why would they close it off?’ King asked, in response to speculation that Amazon might keep the domain name solely for its own use. ‘You don’t want to limit your TLD. Amazon is known for being a visionary company, and it’s in their interest to make .book available to all authors.'”

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